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Audience Types  


Education is currently in flux.

As students watch our country splinter from within, they are dealing with uncertainty like never before.

They need a message of hope with attainable steps to breakthrough from limited thinking. 

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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker who will have your audience talking well after your event is complete?

"The Power of Suck" message will inspire your audience to consider everything they've had to overcome to be who they are today.  

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"Paint the Picture" is designed to help leaders craft their vision through storytelling. 

"Pitch Free Closing" is for sales reps who need to learn how effective modern selling is done without a sales pitch. The sales pitch is dead, don't be a son of a pitch. 

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Speaking Topics

You are Younique

Audience Type:  Students
Key takeaways: Believing in yourself, how to handle bullies, and the secret to having lifetime success.

Paint the Picture

Audience Type:  Leaders
Key takeaways:  Stories create pictures, pictures evoke emotions, emotions drive movement from your followers to follow your lead. 

Entertain Us

Audience Type: Teachers
Key takeaways: Everyday is a performance. You are the performer, the students are your audience. Go 'break a leg' with an incredible performance. 

Pitch Free Closing

Audience Type:  Sales Professionals 
Key takeaways: Who are 'The Middle Six', storytelling, and the NO close will have your team humming the very next day.

The Power of Suck

Audience Type: General 
Key takeaways: You are who you are based on your life experiences.  Embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly of your past, present, and future to inspire others on their journey of life.

Brand You 

Audience Type: Small Business Owners
Key takeaways: The company is just a logo, YOU are the brand.  The Three S's: Self-Mastery, Storytelling, and Sales. 

Your Audience Shouldn't Suffer Because it's Virtual

Stories are being shared of dynamic live speakers bombing when speaking on camera for a virtual event. More than the words spoken by speakers, how are they making your audience feel?  Are you willing to take a chance of giving your audience an underwhelming experience? 

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About Your Speaker

Growing up as a preacher's kid with ADHD and dyslexia, I made a promise to myself at a very young age: IF I'M EVER ON STAGE SPEAKING, I WILL ASSUME EVERYONE IN THE AUDIENCE IS BORED. 

I make that same promise to anyone bringing me in to speak. You are getting 100% of my effort. Your audience will feel my energy as I transfer it through "spitt'n fire." 

What People Are Saying

The other day I attended a speaker's open mic night on Meetup. 

My five minute performance was recorded with feedback from the group. This raw footage is the best way to show my abilities in transfers a feeling of emotion by being vulnerable when sharing a true story about my childhood.

You Got It; Now Go Get It Book

You Got It; Now Go Get It will provoke thought and challenge what you assumed to be true about success. It will inspire hope to resurface and believe in the dream buried long ago.  It will ignite a fire in you to take the first step towards change with confidence.

“Thanks again for your program. It was excellent. One speaker stood out more than others, he was the one in the gym talking about his childhood in Hawaii. Our students are still talking about it." 

Clark County

Las Vegas, Nevada

“Thank you so much! You started with a joke, then went into your talk, sharing stories, so we could understand exactly what you were talking about.  You rocked!"

Rutgers R-Fund

Piscataway, New Jersey

“Way to bring the fire! We needed something different and you were exactly that."

Orange County

Orlando, Florida

Audience Satisfaction Guaranteed

All sessions are guaranteed to deliver the impact needed to inspire your

 audience. If your audience isn't 100% satisfied, you don't pay the final invoice. Ask about the details of the guarantee when you call. 

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