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No Other Generation

No other generation has the opportunity like Generation Z. They are the most entrepreneurial, passionate, and diverse generation with tremendous potential. So why are so many of them dying at an alarming rate? 

According to the CDC, GEN Z has the highest suicide rate since 1999. For children between the ages of 10-14 the suicide rate has tripled between 2007-2017. 

Troy Ritchie, or "Coach Troy," like the students call him, had a troubled childhood growing up on the Big Island of Hawai'i. A year after a failed suicide attempt in High School, his life turned around when he played for his first basketball coach.

Just as his coach spoke into his life at a young age, Coach Troy speaks into the lives of Gen Z'rs reminding them of their potential. 

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The Cheat Codes to Life

Cheat Code 1: Set Expectations. 
Cheat Code 2: Ignore the Score.
Cheat Code 3: K-N-O-W Money

Coach Troy's energetic and humorous style of storytelling will engage the most distracted and tuned-out student. His message will provoke thought, inspire hope, and ignite a fire in the students for which they will learn to:

  • Distinguish themselves as the most powerful generation - GENERATION Z.

  • Formulate small, daily tasks that only they can control and expect to accomplish. 

  • Measure their success based on doing an activity instead of achieving a milestone. 

  • Practice money saving principles through the Copper Banking App. 

Mental Health

As social media use rises so does anxiety, depression, and self-inflicted injuries.  To combat this, Coach Troy shares a simple step of setting daily expectations. 

Suicide Prevention

The odds of winning the lottery are 1 in 292 million. The odds of being born are 1 in 400 trillion. Coach Troy shows just how valuable they are just by taking their first breath. 


Coach Troy shares a funny story about making his first basket shooting a granny shot in front of 300 fans, and players who were laughing at him. 

Financial Literacy

The number one stress to GEN Z is money.  Coach reveals the importance of knowing money. "If you don't know money, you'll have no money." 

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Cheat Codes to Life: Providing Gen Z'rs With Advantages to Winning the Game of Life 

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"Coach Troy brought a level of energy not found in other speakers. I especially remember how he made us feel encouraged to not give up and always take the second shot." 

Michelle Blakeley, Director of Counseling at Lake Mead Christian Academy

About Coach Troy

A picture is worth a thousand words. Notice how engaged the students are as Coach Troy delivers his talk.

Coach Troy is unwavering in his quest to help his audience discover how valuable and worthy they truly are. His first book, You Got It; Now Go Get It! was written after he was laid off from his job on April 9, 2020 due to COVID-19.

He is the host of the 4 AM Daily Wake Up Podcast and founder of the Boom Intelligence Group.  His TikTok handle is @KnowTroy and his videos can be found on his YouTube channel. 

For more information, please visit TroyRitchie.com 

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